Zalman Z9 Neo Case Review


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Zalman Z9 Neo White Case Detailed Features

Looks like Zalman tried to give the end user a little bit of everything with this case. Removable 5.25″ bays, PSU/HDD cover, and liquid cooling support, all while maintaining an entry level price point.


Included with the Zalman Z9 Neo White is the standard bag of goodies: owner’s manual, screws, standoffs, zip ties, as well as some additional thumb screws.


Inside the right side panel, with the nicely painted matte black finish, you’ll notice the PSU/HDD cover or “sash” as Zalman calls it. The “sash” completely covers and isolates the power supply and the HDD cages. While PSU covers are not uncommon, this one adds in ventilation holes at the front to aid in cooling the HDD cages.


By relocating the HDD cages to the bottom of the case instead of directly underneath the 5.25″ trays, the Zalman Z9 Neo White can accommodate up to a 420mm video card. The two front and/or top fans can be removed and a 240mm radiator installed, but installing a radiator in the front will reduce the amount of available headroom for your video card. Zalman did, however, precut slots into the front panel to aid in installing your front radiator. You will also notice that there are two SSD mounting locations on the back wall just behind the front 120mm fans. The orientation and the way the holes are cut into the case, it is implied that the SSDs are to mount on the inside and not on the back of the motherboard tray, however, I’m sure the case can accommodate it in either location with just a slight bit of modification.


With the left side panel removed, we can see that Zalman did think about cable management in the Z9 Neo White. Multiple rubber grommets, zip tie and/or velcro tie down locations, should make cable management a breeze in the Z9 Neo White. The Zalman ZM1000-EBT 1000W PSU pictured above, measures 180mm and fits inside the sash with plenty of room to spare for your cabling. Anything much more in length however, might make things a bit tight between the PSU and the HDD cage especially if utilizing a fully modular power supply.

Zalman-Z9-Neo-White-Computer-Case-Removable-5_25-Drive-Trays The two 5.25″ bays are removable by removing two screws on the inside, as well as a single screw per tray on the left side of the case. This aids in making the inside of the case more customizable in the event that you want to install a custom water loop.


Measuring the amount of space between the edge of the case and ZM1000 PSU comes to about 13mm or roughly 1/2″. It is worth noting, however that the PSU pokes out a bit beyond the back wall of the motherboard tray. The measurement between the edge of the motherboard wall and the inside edge of the case is about 17mm or 0.66″, thus yielding plenty of room for cable management.


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1 comment

  1. Caring1

    Having a one piece “sash” makes it hard to remove the drive cage and use that free space.
    I feel they could have made it in two parts so removing the front section leaves the rear to cover the PSU.
    I quite like the design and could easily see myself using it in a build.

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