Zalman Z9 Neo Case Review


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Zalman Z9 Neo White Case Overview

The Zalman Z9 Neo White is marketed as a silent mid-tower that features sound dampening and water cooling compatibility all without sacrificing airflow. Z9 Neo White is currently sold online for $79.99 (Amazon | NewEgg). Airflow is achieved through the 5 system fans that come standard on the case as well as direct path cooling for the power supply.

Zalman Z9 Neo White Case

The Zalman Z9 Neo White features an acrylic window, a sound dampened front door, and some modern styling choices along its edges that includes ventilation, two-tone color scheme, as well as an angled top mounted front I/O panel.


Open the front, sound dampened door, and it reveals a large, 2x120mm front grill. Unfortunately while the grill does have mesh behind it, it does not filter incoming air. One of the points Zalman claims on this case is that it is a “filtered” case. While the direct path power supply on the bottom of the case is filtered, the front is not. Since the main front intake is technically a side intake, then the lack of filter may have been to not further restrict airflow to the inside of the case.


The right side of the Z9 Neo White features an acrylic window on the door, as well as more ventilation along the top of the case just above the side panel.


The rear of the case comes with vented PCI slot covers, a 120mm fan, more ventilation next to the PCI slots, and of course an I/O panel. Although not shown in the above photo, the side panels are secured using thumbscrews.


The bottom of the case features a dust filter for the power supply, rubber feet, as well as some additional mounting holes, presumably for mounting a pump or reservoir for you custom water loop, assuming it would fit and you remove the HDD cage.


On top of the case, sits a raised white panel that has a removable smoked acrylic cover. This area houses the two top blue led exhaust fans that are included. Removal of the smoked acrylic piece is to increase airflow if so desired.


The front I/O panel is mounted at the top of the front door, and features a square, halo lit power switch, a small reset button, microphone/headphone terminals, as well as two halo lit USB 2.0 ports, and two halo lit USB 3.0 ports. Zalman has even included four USB rubber inserts to keep dust and debris out of your ports.


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1 comment

  1. Caring1

    Having a one piece “sash” makes it hard to remove the drive cage and use that free space.
    I feel they could have made it in two parts so removing the front section leaves the rear to cover the PSU.
    I quite like the design and could easily see myself using it in a build.

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