Lian Li PC-Q28 Aluminum Mini-ITX Tower PC Case Review


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Lian Li PC-Q28 Closer Look: Interior

In this section we will take a look at the interior features of the Lian Li PC-Q28 Aluminum Mini-ITX Tower PC Case.


For an M-ITX PC case the Lian Li PC-Q28 is quite spacious inside. The one element I don’t like too much is the HDD rack, mainly because it takes up too much room. The PC-Q28 supports ATX size PSU’s up to 17cm long and double slot video cards up to 29cm long. Up to seven HDD’s are supported in various combinations of 2.5″ and 3.5″ sizes. A maximum of three 2.5″ SSD’s are supported without additional mounting hardware, and a maximum of six 3.5″ HDD’s are supported.


There isn’t any kind of cable routing/hiding on the reverse side of the case. This side opens only to provide better access when you are installing your hardware.


The side panels on the Lian Li PC-Q28 PC case have a unique mounting system which allows for easy removal and replacement of the side panels.


For better access when installing your hardware into the PC-Q28 PC case, the hard drive rack can be completely removed.


Should you wish to take things further, the optical disk bay is also removable. In fact, the whole case is screwed together rather than held together with rivets. This is great news for modders as it allows you to completely take apart the case with ease. This also allows you to make custom panels too.


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1 comment

  1. NeoV

    PC-Q28 is the best case I ever had 🙂
    By removing distubing perforations in rear and side panels (in opposite to PC-Q08) it provides ideal airflow in combination with fanless PSU

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