Colorful 950-2GD5 and iGame 950-2GD5 Ymir-U Graphics Cards Launched

Colorful 950-2GD5 and iGame 950-2GD5 Ymir-U Graphics Cards Launched

The latest addition to the iGame family and the latest GTX 950 from Colorful

Colorful  Technology  Company  Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards, is proud to announce its GeForce GTX 950 lineup with the introduction of the Colorful 950-2GD5 and iGame 950-2GD5 Ymir-U graphics cards.

Colorful Colorful 950-2GD5 and iGame 950-2GD5 Ymir-U Graphics Cards Launched

Both cards feature the 2nd-generation Maxwell GPU from NVIDIA, featuring highly efficient performance per watt, this translates to excellent efficiency making the new Colorful GTX 950 consume less power but still deliver excellent performance. Perfect for those concerned about keeping their electric bills to a minimum.

iGame 950-2GD5 Ymir-U Features

The iGame 950-2GD5 Ymir-U is the latest member of the iGame family of gaming graphics card from Colorful featuring revolutionary technology to improve gamers’ visual experience. The NVIDIA GTX 950 GPU delivers the perfect upgrade for users still using older-generation graphics cards looking to find a better visual experience with their games. The GTX 950 is the perfect graphics card for MOBA with optimization intended to bring the best response times for these games.

The iGame 950-2GD5 Ymir-U features Colorful’s innovation for its iGame series of graphics card which features select components and improvements to bring a new level of performance for gamers over reference cards. The iGame features including high-performance GDDR5 memory, Silver Plating Technology for improve stability than regular PCB together with the iGame Pure-Power Inductance (IPP) assuring stable power delivery. low operating temperatures and reduced electo-magnetic interference. To further aid in performance, the custom iGame cooler features Bio-Shark design fans for 30% more cooling efficiency in tandem with the sand-blasted cooling module. The iGame950 2GD5 Ymir-U features passive cooling when the operating temperature is under 59*C.

To further increase performance, Colorful’s new iGame 950 2GD5 Ymir-U has a unique one-button overclocking feature allowing the this graphics card to achieve faster clock speeds giving everyone an instant speed boost without knowing how to overclock.

Colorful 950-2GD5 Features

Colorful also introduces the Colorful 950-2GD5 graphics card featuring the same GM206 2nd generation Maxwell GPU delivering high-efficiency and performance for mainstream users. The Colorful 950-2GD5 features a custom cooling fan with Colorful’s Shark fin fans for maximum cooling rated for 30,000 hours.

Model – iGame 950 2GD5 Ymir-U – Colorful 950-2GD5
Core – GM206, 28nm – GM206, 28nm
CUDA – 768 – 768
Fans – 2 x 8cm – 2 x 8cm
Heat Pipe – 1 heatpipe – N/A
Power – 3+1&I.P.P. – 3+1
Output – DVI-I + DVI-D + DP+ HDMI – DVI-I + DVI-D + DP+ HDMI
Back – Integrated Back panel – N/A
i-TDC – Yes – N/A
Others – One key OC ,SPT PCB ,I.P.P ,EMI-shield DVI – EMI-shield DVI

About Colorful

Colorful Group (CFG), is a manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, PSUs, chassis, tablets, Hi-fi players, power bank, Mini PC, industrial control computer and service with over 18 years of experience delivering quality products garnering a brilliant reputation amongst its customers. CFG is a internationally renowened brands garnering recognition and awards.  For more information, visit http://www.colorful.cn/

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