Rosewill RSVA-12001 Security Camera DVR System Review


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DVR Testing & Results

Testing Methodology

Benchmark tests aren’t applicable to a Linux-based digital video recorder, so our testing will include practical application tasks such as recording and playback. The Rosewill RSVA-12001 kit we received includes the same DVR that comes with the Rosewill RSVA-11001 kit, so demonstrations apply to either model.

In the video below each menu option is briefly inspected and functionality discussed. This is a full-featured DVR, so there’s a lot of ground to cover:

RSVA-12001 Digital Video Recorder Menu Options

DVR Test Results

In the video below, I demonstrate how to backup a previously recorded video file and export it to PC for playback or conversion:

RSVA-12001/RSVA-11001 Recording Transfer Process

The Rosewill RSVA-11001/12001 digital video recorder has the ability to select and play-back recorded video files from storage:

RSVA-12001/RSVA-11001 Recording Playback Process

Below is a clip containing raw camera sample footage, with daylight, artificial light, and dark/night vision examples:

Rosewill RSCM-12003 Sample Footage

As you can see from these examples the Rosewill DVR offers a well-rounded feature set, one that expands well beyond the included cameras. Of course, there are four remaining channels to add third-party cameras that feature pan, tilt, zoom, motion sensing, and/or audio functionality.

In the next section I summarize my final thoughts and offer my rating for the Rosewill RSVA-11001 and RSVA-12001 kits.


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  1. Arron

    Just a quick comment. It seems to me that the US is determined to use wireless for everything, no matter how inappropriate. A security system with wireless output is an oxymoron – too easy to jam, conceal or hack. Undoubtedly NSA approved!

    FWIW, this sounds like a really good functional system, as long as it stays wired.

    1. Olin Coles

      I don’t disagree with you, at all. However, you’ll probably agree that wireless IP cameras are a very popular consumer item regardless. Hopefully future products come equipped with better security then the early models, such as those with websites dedicated to showing open (public) monitoring.

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