Corsair Void Surround Gaming Headset Review


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Corsair Gaming Void Surround Overview

Corsair packs the Void Surround with a warranty and quick start guide. The USB adapter is used for PC in conjunction with the CUE software for Dolby 7.1 (virtual) surround sound.


Corsair has chosen to use micro-fiber and soft foam for it’s ear cups and bridge atop the Void Surround headset. I personally like this choice. The ear cups sit around my largish ears comfortably for hours of gaming, music listening, voice chat, etc. The Void Surround is easily adjustable by sliding the ear cups down. They lock in place at each interval on the scale, which is clearly marked on top of the bridge, so you can precisely adjust the length of each side for a perfect fit.


Corsair has included a handy mute toggle on the left ear cup just behind the Corsair logo. It’s fairly large, so finding it quickly is not an issue.


The volume slider for the Corsair Void Surround sits at the bottom edge of the left ear cup. It’s fairly large, and easy to find. It has grooves to facilitate positive grip and ease of motion while rotating the volume up or down.


Finally we have the Dolby 7.1 USB adapter for use on the PC. This allows for the virtual surround sound to work in conjunction with Corsair’s CUE software.



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