OCZ Trion 150 480GB SSD Review


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Closer Look: OCZ Trion 150 2.5″ SSD

OCZ Storage Solutions was acquired by Toshiba a few years ago, and uses Toshiba controllers and NAND in their solid state storage products. While we’re starting to see a transition from the SATA interface to the much faster PCI-E based m.2 interface, the vast majority of consumer systems still don’t have m.2 slots. While PCI-E to m.2 adapter cards are available, the limited number of PCI-E lanes in many consumer systems– especially enthusiast systems with multiple GPUs– mean that even this solution isn’t always workable.

So there’s still a market for SATA 6G SSDs, which can be connected to virtually any computer, and still offer excellent performance compared to a hard disk. Even if your motherboard supports m.2, you may choose a SATA SSD for price or storage capacity reasons.


The OCZ Trion 150 SSD is housed in a matte-finished aluminum enclosure with this branding sticker on the front. The sticker isn’t quite straight.


The rear of the SSD has another crooked sticker showing the model number, serial number, and other information. From this view it’s evident that the aluminum enclosure is of the snap-together type.


The drive has 16 Toshiba NAND memory chips, 8 on each side. The number of chips is unusual in a 512GB and smaller drive these days; normally, I’d expect only 8.


The other side of the PCB contains the Mystery Controller, hidden here under a pad of thermal foam. Above the controller is a Micro D9PXV DDR3 RAM chip, which provides 4Gb (256MB) of cache storage.

Like the MyDigitalSSD BP5e, the OCZ Trion 150 comes unformatted, and includes no backup or other utility software, nor any adapter brackets or mounting screws: it’s just a bare drive in a box with a warranty and quick installation leaflet for documentation. Let’s start running this drive through our benchmark suite in the next section.


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