NZXT Manta Mini-ITX Case Review


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NZXT Manta mini-ITX More Detailed Features

Front panel ports include two USB 3.0 ports and standard headphone and microphone jacks. Additional USB 2.0 ports and a reset button are not present with the front panel ports. Perhaps in the future, we can expect to see an updated version with support for USB 3.1.

NZXT Manta ITX Front Panel Ports

The Manta mini-ITX may not have ventilation holes directly over the front or top fans, but it does have large enough ventilation gaps that are closer to the side of the case. These ventilation gaps should be able to stop larger dust particles from entering the system.

NZXT Manta ITX Ventilation

The front power LED’s and HDD LED are integrated into one for a simpler exterior look. Here we can see the HDD LED between the two power LED’s.

NZXT Manta ITX Front Panel LED

The Manta mini-ITX comes with a fan hub that can support up to eight fans. It comes with an extension cable and a PWM connector. It is powered by a standard SATA power plug. We can also see the small circuit board that controls the LED lighting behind the motherboard rear I/O and the NZXT logo on the power supply chamber.

NZXT Manta ITX Fan Hub and LED Control

There is a small button behind the Manta mini-ITX to control the lighting on the rear I/O ports and the NZXT logo on the power supply chamber. Pressing it once will illuminate the lights on the rear I/O. Press it again and it turns off the light on the rear I/O but illuminates the NZXT logo on the power supply chamber. Press the button a third time to illuminate both the rear I/O and NZXT logo, then press again to turn the lights off.

NZXT Manta ITX Rear LED Switch

In the next section, let’s go ahead and build a system with the Manta mini-ITX.


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