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Testing & Results

Headset Testing Methodology

When testing a headset, it is important to consider more than just audio quality. Comfort, as well as use in differing situations is of paramount importance. For testing, I used this headset in the following situations – [1] as a gaming headset, while playing the space simulator Star Citizen. [2] General use while watching video and listening to music. [3] Use as a broadcast headset in a loud, crowded environment.

While gaming, the 7.1 surround sound provided an excellent experience. However, I quickly discovered that while the overall sounds and quality was increased, it still seem a little hollow. You also couldn’t tell if the sound was directional. In addition, using the surround/FPS/bass produced no discernible difference in sound quality.

While listening to music and video, similar issues with audio quality arose, with audio still sounding slightly hollow regardless of settings.


This isn’t a noise canceling headset so you shouldn’t expect any noise filtration, but it seemed to me that noise penetrated the phones more easily than others in my third test. The microphone had acceptable quality, and picked up my voice accurately. Along with everything nearby. I’d game someplace that is quiet if you don’t want extraneous noise.

What I did love about this headset though is how comfortable it is. GAMDIAS lists it as including a built in cooling system. Something of a misnomer, but it is very well ventilated. I once had a pair of very expensive noise canceling headphones from Bose that weren’t very comfortable after a while, as they tended to crimp and cause sweating. No problems here though, I wore the EROS ELITE for a couple hours and remained nice and cool. Plus, no headphone hair!

One final note – GAMDIAS lists this headset as working on PC and PS4. I can confirm it also works with Mac.


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