Phanteks Eclipse P400S Case Review


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Phanteks Eclipse P400S More Detailed Features

Without the top ventilation covers, we can see there are mounting holes for two 120mm or two 140mm fans. If fans are installed here, the magnetic dust filters included in the accessories box can be used here to prevent dust from entering the system.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Top Fan Mounts

These magnetic top ventilation covers have their own sound dampening materials. The sound dampening materials help keep the noise level down.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Top Cover

Sound dampening materials are also present under the side panels. It may not be the quietest due to the side panel window, but it is a good balance between aesthetics and quietness.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Side Panels

The HDD caddies can easily mount 3.5″ drives without any screws. Mounting 2.5″ drives will require four screws for installation.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M HDD Caddy

The screws for the seven expansion slots at the rear of the case are located outside of the frame. This makes the case shorter by a few centimeters. Installing any expansion cards here will require the removal of the two thumbscrews holding the metal plate to the seven expansion slots. I recommend loosening these two screws so the metal plate slides over to give enough clearance for any expansion cards.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Expansion Slots

Changing the color of the LED strip can be done by pressing the LED control button at the top panel. The power LED at the top of the case will also change colors to match this LED strip. There are a few color choices to choose from, but I was surprised to not see a white LED setting.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Red LEDPhanteks Eclipse P400 Blue LEDPhanteks Eclipse P400 Cyan LEDPhanteks Eclipse P400 Purple LED

Here is the extension cable behind the motherboard tray. Extra LED strips can be purchased through the Phanteks website and added to the system just by plugging it here.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 LED Connection Cable

Now that we have seen what the Eclipse P400S has to offer, let’s go ahead and build a system with this case.


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  1. Muresan Rares

    Hi I have this case but can’t find out how to plug the front 4pin cable that is in your last photo. Can you help me? Thanks!

    1. Olin Coles

      It’s an LED extension cable, for strip lighting.

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