Phanteks Eclipse P400S Case Review


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Phanteks Eclipse P400S Detailed Features

Removing the main side panel reveals an internal frame structure that looks somewhat similar to the Enthoo Pro M and Evolv ATX. Motherboard standoff screws are already pre-installed for an ATX motherboard. A large CPU cutout is available on the motherboard tray as well as four mounts for the optional 3.5″ modular HDD mounting bracket. Unlike the Enthoo Pro M or the Evolv ATX, the power supply chamber on the Eclipse P400S is completely sealed off to hide any cables coming from the power supply.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Interior

For cable management, three Velcro straps are included to tie down even the largest cables. The power supply chamber hides the cables coming from the power supply unit and includes two 3.5″ HDD caddies near the front of the case. Behind the motherboard tray are two more 2.5″ SSD mounts with two brackets. The bracket features a drop-N-lock mechanism for easy installation and removal.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Motherboard Tray

Taking off the front panel, we can see the large surface area for installing a 280mm or 360mm radiator. A 120mm fan is pre-installed here at the front, but it can be removed to install a larger fan or radiator. There is also an LED strip at the very bottom of the case, which lights up when there is power to the system.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Front Panel Removed

The LED strip is powered by a standard SATA power plug located behind the motherboard tray. It can cycle through several different colors with different lighting effects. It is RGB capable and has an extension cable so more LED strips can be added to the system. These additional LED strips can be purchase from the Phanteks website.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Front LED Strip

At the top of the front panel cover, the ventilation hole is large enough to allow an adequate amount of air into the case. There is also a dust filter, which can prevent larger dust particles from entering the case.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Front Panel Top Filter

The bottom ventilation hole sits right above the LED strip and has a similar dust filter as the top. Both filters can be easily removed and cleaned. Because the front panel cover is bulged out, there is enough room for fans without having them suffocate for air.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Front Panel Bottom Filter

There are also ventilation holes on the power supply chamber. Air can come through the front of the case, which can provide the graphics card with air through these vents. Towards the front of the case is a mid-plate bracket. The mid-plate bracket can be used to mount water cooling pumps and can be removed to accommodate a 360mm radiator at the front.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Power Supply Chamber

Let’s go into the next section and take a look at some more features.


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  1. Muresan Rares

    Hi I have this case but can’t find out how to plug the front 4pin cable that is in your last photo. Can you help me? Thanks!

    1. Olin Coles

      It’s an LED extension cable, for strip lighting.

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