Corsair Carbide 400Q Case Review


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Corsair Carbide 400Q Overview

The Corsair Carbide Quiet 400Q is marketed as a “stealth-silent” computer case that doesn’t sacrifice airflow for the sake of sound dampening. All while maintaining a (relatively) small footprint in a mid-tower chassis.


The front of the Corsair Carbide 400Q features a very clean, smooth metal front panel, with the Corsair sails adorning the lower right hand corner. That’s right, no door, no 5.25″ bays. This configuration allows for maximum airflow and for maximum space within the case.

Corsair-Carbide-400Q-Case-Front-PanelThe top front of the case features your USB 3.0 ports, headphone jack, microphone jack, power switch, reset switch, and HDD LED. The power indicator LED is incorporated into the power switch.


The right side of the case features a solid side panel, and vents cut into the side of the front panel for airflow. The side panel is secured by anchored thumb screws (meaning they stay with the side panel and don’t fully remove).


The rear of the case is a standard layout, featuring 7 PCI slots, I/O panel, extra honeycomb ventilation and a height adjustable 120mm fan. The Carbide 400Q accepts ATX power supply units up to 200mm in length.


The top of the Corsair Carbide 400Q features a removable, magnetic sound dampening panel that covers the top fan mounts when not in use.


With the top sound dampening panel cover removed, it reveals two adjustable 120/140mm fan mounts. Corsair does not provide an alternate cover, such as a fan filter, at this time. So this is what your case will look like on top if you utilize the top fan mounts. You’ll also notice that the fan mounting points are offset from center, this allows you to easily mount a radiator and have proper clearance from the motherboard, assuming you don’t utilize particularly tall ram. Combine this with the height adjustable 120mm fan at the rear, and you should be able to utilize a 240mm radiator.


The right side panel is lined with a nice, thick pad of sound dampening material. No cutouts or options for a side fan, but I’m sure many modders will look at this as a blank canvas to do any customization they want.

Corsair-Carbide-400Q-Case-Left-Side-PanelThe left side panel features the same sound dampening material that is found on the right, with one exception. There is a rectangular cutout to make clearance for a component on the back of the motherboard. Let’s dive in to the interior next in the detailed features section of this review!


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