ASUS ZenDrive U7M External USB DVD Writer Announced

ASUS ZenDrive U7M External USB DVD Writer Announced

ASUS today announced ZenDrive U7M (SDRW-08U7M-U), an ultra-slim external USB DVD writer with M-DISC® archival media support. Designed to help users protect their lifelong memories ­— such as family photos and home videos — M-DISC DVDs can store data for 1,000 years or more1, giving the peace of mind that these important moments will be safe for generations to come. ZenDrive U7M comes with two free M-DISC DVDs2, so users can get started preserving their priceless memories and important data immediately.

ZenDrive U7M is stylish with an incredibly slim 13mm form factor, making it the perfect companion for thin and light laptops. Its sleek, Zen-inspired design with the signature ASUS concentric-circle finish adds sophisticated aesthetics to any computer setup.

ASUS ZenDrive U7M External USB DVD Writer Announced

With bundled disc-burning software that is intuitive yet robust, ZenDrive U7M is a complete backup solution for all the user’s important data. It also comes with Nero BackItUp® for Android — a full backup solution for Android smartphones and tablets to protect data on mobile devices — and unlimited ASUS WebStorage space free for six months.

Save precious memories for 1,000 years

ASUS ZenDrive U7M supports M-DISC, an archival-quality storage solution created by Millenniata, Inc. that works by laser-etching data into a patented rock-like storage layer that is resistant to extreme light, temperature, and humidity. Compared to hard drives, flash drives, and other writeable media — which have an average storage lifetime of approximately eight years — M-DISC is designed to protect against degradation and data loss for 1,000 years or more, ensuring precious memories are kept safe for generations to come.

The most robust backup solution

ASUS ZenDrive U7M provides a complete and easy-to-use backup solution for precious digital memories and important information. ZenDrive U7M comes with CyberLink Power2Go 8, intuitive software that simplifies the disc-burning process and offers optional encryption functionality to protect private files. These powerful functions, together with support for archival-quality M-DISC media, protect information and minimize the risk of data loss to give users complete peace of mind.

ZenDrive U7M also comes withNero BackItUp for Android, a full, backup solution for Android smartphones and tablets. With just one tap, Nero BackItUp automatically backs up a mobile device’s contacts, messages, call logs, personal settings, songs, photos, and videos to online storage, an SD card, or your PC, so users can keep their data safe even if their device is lost or stolen.

Additionally, ZenDrive U7M users are given unlimited ASUS WebStorage space free for six months. ASUS WebStorage lets users store files online and access them easily from any internet-connected device.

About ASUS

ASUS takes its name from Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. ASUS embodies the strength, purity, and adventurous spirit of this fantastic creature, and soars to new heights with each new product it creates.

Taiwan’s Information Technology industry has grown enormously over the last few decades and the country is now a dominant force in the global market. ASUS has long been at the forefront of this growth and while the company started life as a humble motherboard manufacturer with just a handful of employees, it is now the leading technology company in Taiwan with over 12,500 employees worldwide. ASUS makes products in almost every area of Information Technology too, including PC components, peripherals, notebooks, tablets, servers and smartphones.

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  1. Katalin Miklós

    Does this device (ASUS ZenDrive U7M External USB DVD Writer) write M-disc BD-R verbatim 4x 25 GB and M-disc BDXL verbatim 4x 100 GB ?

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