NZXT Manta ITX Case Introduced

NZXT Manta ITX Case Introduced

Softening the lines, changing the game, putting everything out there for everyone to see. NZXT takes ITX to a whole new level with a revolutionary design and uncompromising quality.

Forged with groundbreaking manufacturing technologies, Manta is the world’s first case equipped with curved, structurally reinforced steel panels. Yielding double the cable management space and unparalleled liquid cooling support, this case sets a new standard for mini-ITX.

NZXT Manta ITX Case Introduced

“NZXT strives to deliver meaningful innovation across every product we are designing. Manta, our first ITX case, provides an innovative and efficient answer to the ITX equation for PC users who are looking for effortless and superior build” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder & CEO.

Quality: durable and elegant

Manta utilizes an innovative new manufacturing process to create curved steel panels that offer a beautiful blend of elegance and strength that is unmatched by traditional ITX designs. Echoing the smooth lines of an exotic sports car, it is a case that is designed for flaunting and accordingly equipped with the biggest window of any ITX case to date.

Innovation that matters

Leveraging its innovative curved design, Manta features unparalleled interior spacefor an effortless build. Smart interior layout and generous volume resultin support for the largest power supplies and graphics cards while still offering an abundance of space for cable management and organization.

Breakthrough performance

Another benefit of Manta’s roomy interior is its ample natural airflow and expandability for water cooling. It’s the first ITX case to supportup to three radiators at once (2 x 280mmin the front and 1 x 120mm at the rear), making it a top choice for premium builds and custom loops.

Manta is also fitted with all of NZXT’s award-winning features such as rear I/O lighting, integrated PWM fan hub, SSD display and PSU shroud. Combined with Manta’scutting-edge interior layout, building a PC system is as easy as it gets.

Manta is available in Matte White/Black, Matte Black/Red, and Matte Black with or without a windowed side panel.

Price: 139.99 USD

Availability:USA -February 5th,2016

Technical information


Dimensions – W: 245mm x H: 426mm x D: 450mm
Materials – Fully steel plated exterior, steel chassis
Total Weight – 7.2kg
Motherboard Support – Mini-ITX
External features – 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x Audio/Mic, I/O Panel LED On/Off

Bays & expansion
Internal 3.5’’ – 2
Internal 2.5’’ – 3
PCI expansion slots – 2

Front – 2x 140mm/120mm (2x120mm included)
Top – 2x 140mm/120mm
Rear – 1x 120mm (included)

CPU Cooler – 160mm
GPU Clearance – 363mm
PSU Length – 363mm

About NZXT

NZXT is a leading PC hardware manufacturer specializing in chassis, cooling, and accessories. Founded in 2004 in Los Angeles, California, NZXT empowers PC gamers to build the extraordinary. Award-winning designs from NZXT are available worldwide and can befound through the largest eSports events, college computer labs, and gamers’ desks.

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