be quiet! Silent Base 600 ATX Case Review


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be quiet! Silent Base 600 Overview

be quiet! offers various options for users looking to buy the Silent Base 600, including versions with silver, black, and orange accents all with window and non-window variants. For this review we will be taking a look at the version with orange accents and a windowed panel. Let’s start by exploring the exterior of the case.

Although the Silent Base 600’s body is made of steel, the front and top covers are made entirely of ABS plastic, a very common thing with cases nowadays. Luckily, the front cover has a brushed aluminum finish, which makes it very pleasant to look at, while not being a fingerprint magnet. At the front we also find I/O bay, which is made up of two USB 3.0 ports, two USB ports, a headphone, and a microphone jack.


Just like the front panel, the top cover is also made from ABS plastic, but it has a black matte finish. There are some openings to allow hot air for exiting the case as well, but yet are small enough to channel noise from the user. Not being so open also helps in preventing dust from settling inside the case. The panel is not thick enough to allow for a radiator or fan to be installed between it and the chassis.


Given that the be quiet! Silent Base 600 has 7 expansion slots, it is interesting that it is being categorized as a full tower. Other than that anomaly, the back has a a fairly standard layout, with a bottom mounted power supply, and a 120 mm fan mount. There is also three rubber grommets on top of the expansion slots, which is also weird considering that the top cover has no holes to allow tubing to come through, but should still allow for a small radiator or reservoir to be mounted on the exterior of the case.

The most important feature of the Silent Base 600 is that all of the panels were made as to avoid noise from getting to the user. The top panel has very few and small openings while the front and right side panels are covered by a noise dampening material, which really puts this case as a direct competitor to other silent cases like the SilverStone Kublai KL05B-Q, the NZXT H440, and the Fractal Design R5. What sets the Silent Base 600 apart is the use of a double glazed side panel window, which be quiet! claims to further channel noise away from the user.


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