Borderlands 2 Defeat The Warrior Mission Farming Guide


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Borderlands 2 Defeat The Warrior Mission Farming Guide

By Olin Coles

Manufacturer: Gearbox Software
Product Name: Borderland 2
Price: $59.99 Standard Edition (Newegg / Amazon)
$99.99 Deluxe Vault Hunter Collector Edition (Newegg / Amazon)

Borderlands 2 is an exciting game that pulls you into a fantasy world that’s been done a hundred times, but finds a way to give it to you like never before. While the game itself is a hybrid creation with familiar ingredients that taste of Eve Online, World of Warcraft, and Fallout, then seasoned with hints of Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty. Players assume the role of a “vault hunter” in one of four combat disciplines: Commando, Gunzerker, Assassin, and Siren. The character then fight bandits in first-person shooter format across a vast array of maps, but unlike most FPS-styled games, each level means better loot and tougher enemies. In this article Benchmark Reviews explains how to easily beat ‘The Warrior’ end boss within ‘The Talon of God’ final story mission, then we show you how to farm him for XP and legendary purple weapons over and over again.


Borderlands 2 has no limit on how quickly you complete the main story, but with nearly 130 missions in normal mode there are at least sixty hours of gameplay before you reach the final story mission. Impatient players can choose to ignore side missions and quickly cut through the main story to reach ‘The Talon of God’ final mission sooner, but those players will be poorly prepared for the level-30 enemy strength that comes with this stage. Borderlands 2 presently limits players to 50 skill levels, but anyone past level 25 should be capable of beating the game… with exception to the bonus side mission that comes afterward.

Much like the five rounds of Bandit Slaughter and Hyperion Slaughter missions, players should have a weapon of every type with expanded ammunition capacity. It’s recommended that players also have a fully-upgraded Storage Deck for all of the loot they’ll receive, in addition to all the ammunition storage upgrades. When you’re ready to enter Vault of the Warrior, make sure you’re carrying maximum ammunition, rockets, and grenade, but also make sure you’ve deposited all unnecessary items in a safe. Unfortunately, items like the Sabre Turret won’t have any effect on The Warrior, but she’ll still be very in useful for farming XP. Read on to learn how it’s done!


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