Borderlands 2 Defeat The Warrior Mission Farming Guide


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Defeat The Warrior: Farming

After you defeat The Warrior the first time followed by Save and Close, the game will enable you to fight this enemy again when you Continue. You’ll begin at top of a stairwell leading down Vault of the Warrior, with a Dr. Zed’s Meds and Marcus Munitions Ammo Dump nearby. This is where you’ll sell off all the unwanted loot (usually everything that’s not purple), and buy ammunition that hasn’t been fully restocked using found packs or the Hyperion self-renewing machines.

Proceed down the stairwell until you reach the end of the stairs, illustrated below. Crossing the threshold will prompt the game to respawn The Warrior, so slowly make your way to the edge in preparation to turn and run.


As you sprint back up the stairs, watch for the flat rock illustrated in the image below or video here. This is your safety rock, and while it’s not 100% free of harm it’s possible to take little damage (if any) while attacking The Warrior.

Unlike the first method outlined on the previous page, this time The Warrior will be moving about the map. It’s suggested that you crouch down and move to the edge of the flat rock closest to lava. This will keep you within view of The Warrior from all three of his reoccurring positions, but free of stone, swipe, and flame attacks.


For an example of what this looks like in-game, please watch the video below:

If you’re playing as the Commando class, you can make use of the Sabre Turret to kill Volcanic Crystalisks and Rakks while you fight The Warrior as well as when you’re collecting up loot. Unfortunately the Sabre Turret will not attack The Warrior so you’re stuck wasting ammo, but while during battle and after when you’re running around comparing and collecting items, the Sabre Turret will fire on an endless supply of flying Volcanic Rakk for additional XP and loot.

It seems monotonous, but this is probably the fastest way to level up. The most entertaining option is to play through the game again in True Vault Hunter Mode, which is much more difficult but offers equally rewarding loot. Once you reach level 50, you’ll be ready to join with three friends and fight the nearly-invincible Terramorphous for the bonus side mission You. Will. Die. (Seriously). Good luck!

Will you play the game again in True Vault Hunter Mode, or farm credits and experience?


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