MyDigitalSSD BP5e SSD Review


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Closer Look: MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2.5″ SSD

MyDigitalSSD is a division of My Digital Discount, and they offer a wide variety of SSDs in PATA, SATA, half-SATA, micro SATA, mSATA, and m.2 form factors…so whatever your system needs, they’ve got it. (The PATA products are handy for collectors to modernize older computers.)

The consumer computer market is beginning the transition from SATA to PCI-E SSDs, which, as our recent review of the Samsung 950 Pro m.2 SSD showed, will unlock vastly increased performance. However, only the very latest motherboards provide m.2 ports, and m.2 SSDs are much more expensive than SATA SSDs, and capacities currently top out at 512GB.

So there’s still a market for SATA 6G SSDs, which can be connected to virtually any computer, and still offer excellent performance compared to a hard disk. Even if your motherboard supports m.2, you may choose a SATA SSD for price or storage capacity reasons.


MyDigitalSSD eschews elaborate labels or any sort of branding. This is about as plain as an SSD can get…


…except perhaps for the rear. Not even a serial number relieves the undecorated case. Although it’s plain, the case is at least metal, as opposed to the molded plastic I’ve seen on some other products.


The drive’s metal case snaps open– it’s a screwless design– to reveal the small PCB containing only 5 chips: 4 NAND chips, the PHISON 3110 controller, and a NANYA cache memory chip. Although the NAND chips are alleged to be Toshiba, there’s no branding on the chips. The part number on the NANYA cache memory chip is partially obscured but it’s likely a 4GB LPDDR3 part.


The Phison 3110 controller comprises 4 CPU cores and a new ability to control TLC flash NAND, which is what this drive uses. PHISON claims it brings significantly improved performance to the low-cost consumer SSD market.

The BP5e 240GB drive comes unformatted, and includes no backup or other utility software. Let’s start running this drive through our benchmark suite in the next section.


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