CM Storm Quickfire XT Mechanical Keyboard Review


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Closer Look: CM Storm QuickFire XT

Much like the rest of its QuickFire line Cooler Master has concentrated on building the perfect keyboard, while keeping a simple and elegant exterior that will fit into many different situations.

Quickfire XT Top Down

From the top, you can see that Cooler Master has kept the QuickFire XT simple using black laser engraved keycaps. This design gives the top of the keyboard a slightly rough feeling until the excess infill has been worn off. Cooler Master has used F5-F12 as media function keys while F9 is used to lock the Windows Key. This is a feature that many gamers use in order ensure that their gaming not interrupted by an accidental activation of the Windows key.

Quickfire XT Number Pad

Unlike the last two keyboards I have reviewed, the Quickfire XT has a dedicated number pad. At the top of the QuickFire XT’s number pad are a second set of function commands that will let a user set the repeat rate of the QuickFire XT when used with the included PS/2 converter.

Quickfire XT Bottom

On the bottom of the QuickFire XT Cooler Master has placed four large rubber pads to help hold the keyboard in place. Towards the front Cooler Master has placed two stands that will help angle the QuickFire XT should an enthusiast prefer a sloped keyboard.

Quickfire XT USB Port

Cooler Master has opted to use a full size USB port to connect the QuickFire XT to the enthusiast’s computer. Although this has an advantage of being more durable than the typical Micro-USB connector, I find that I have far less USB -> USB connectors than USB -> Micro-USB cables, a disadvantage if the cable is every damaged.

Quickfire XT Switch

This variation of the Quickfire XT uses the Cherry MX Blue switch. This is a tactile and click switch, with an actuation force of 65g. This switch is perfect for typing but may not be preferred by gamers because the mechanism that gives it distinctive click releases above the actuation point making double clicking more difficult.


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  1. Derek Smith

    Great Review.. I have been looking for another Great Cherry Keyboard.. This one look Awesome.

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