SilverStone RAVEN RVZ02 Mini-ITX Case Review


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SilverStone RAVEN RVZ02B-W Overview

The SilverStone RAVEN RVZ02B-W is marketed as a Super Slim Form Factor case, utilizing it’s space and thermal segregation to achieve optimum cooling, while maintaining a small foot print.


The RAVEN RVZ02B-W features vented windows on each side to aid in cooling. The RVZ02B (no -W), however features black filters in place of the window vents. The window vents give you the option of adding custom lighting and additional modding opportunities (ie water loop mount locations or external fan mods). The RVZ02B-W also features a sleek front panel combined with a V shaped power LED.


Hidden behind the RAVEN logo, is a pair of USB 3.0 ports (connected via USB 3.0 header on your motherboard) and both headphone and microphone jacks. Also located on the front is a small, discrete power button in the lower corner.


The right side of the case features a large, vented window directly over where you mount the graphics card. This allows for maximum air cooling of the graphics card regardless if it’s in an intake or exhaust configuration.


The left side of the case features another large vented window, allowing additional airflow for the CPU cooler and the SFX/SFX-L PSU.


The rear of the case features more ventilation, 2 PCI slots, and of course the I/O panel. As you can see from the above photo, the RAVEN RVZ02B uses screws for the two outer shells/panels instead of tool-less thumbscrews.


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