Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Galaxy Silver Case Review


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Enthoo Evolv Galaxy Silver Detailed Features

The modular 3.5″ HDD bracket can be installed by removing a drive opening at the back of the motherboard tray. A few screws are required to secure the HDD into place. After installing the HDD, the bracket can then be aligned with the drive opening and secured with another screw. These 3.5″ HDD brackets can be adjusted anywhere to accommodate larger graphics cards or water cooling components.

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX HDD Bracket

Behind the motherboard tray, the HDD connection ports align perfectly with the drive opening. This allows for easy installation when using a right-angled power and SATA cable.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M HDD Bracket Rear

The HDD caddies can easily mount 3.5″ drives without any screws using a swivel-type design. Mounting 2.5″ drives does require four screws for installation.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M HDD Caddy

The HDD caddies can be easily inserted back into the HDD cage. The entire cage can be removed to make room for a 280mm or 360mm radiator at the front of the case. Keep in mind there are only two 3.5″ drive caddies in the Evolv ATX.

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX HDD Mount

SSD drives can be screwed into the SSD drop-N-lock bracket. There are two drop-N-lock mounts behind the motherboard tray and another one on the outside of the power supply housing. Two drop-N-lock brackets are already included in the box with the Evolv ATX to increase storage potential. Unfortunately, using right-angled power and SATA cables may not be suitable for storage devices mounted here.

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Fan Hub and SSD Mounts

Let’s go ahead and build a system with the Evolv ATX after seeing all the great features it has to offer.


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  1. JackNaylorPE

    “Phanteks PH-F200SP 140mm fans push plenty of air (82.1 CFM) at just 19db, so having three of these already pre-installed in the Evolv ATX is a great thing to have.”

    Typo alert

    The F200-SP is a 200m 110 cfm fan
    The F140-SP is a 140m 82 cfm fan

    1. Olin Coles

      Thank you for pointing this out; I’ve fixed the typo. That being said, your typo alert contained typos: 200m denotes 200 meters. I think you meant 200 mm. 🙂

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