SilverStone TD03 Slim AIO Liquid Cooler Review


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SilverStone TD03 Slim Detailed Features

Now for a closer look at the TD03.

SilverStone TD03 Slim_003

The mounting hardware included is enough for all main sockets (LGA775/115X/1366/2011/2011-v3/AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2). The multi-use plastic backplate is labeled for all of the mainstream platforms (the LGA2011 sockets have the cooler mount directly to the motherboard).

SilverStone TD03 Slim_004

You’ll need to swap brackets if you’re intending to use the TD03 Slim on an AMD socket since it ships with the Intel brackets installed. As we’ll see later, this is probably an acceptable decision. Anyway, it’s pretty easy to see how the CPU cooler mount assembles – pick the right side, slide the notched posts through the right holes, and slip the plastic collars over the other end to keep everything in place while you mount the water block.

SilverStone TD03 Slim_005

It’s tough to tell from pictures how slim the TD03 Slim actually is. The radiator is only 22mm thick, which is less than a typical 120mm fan. The whole assembly (slim rad+fan) of the TD03 Slim stands at 37mm thick.

SilverStone TD03 Slim_006

Which is less than the thickness of the double-thick radiator (45mm) from the original TD03! Truly this is the AIO of choice if clearance is an issue – let’s just hope its cooling performance is up to the task, as it lacks the superior cross-fin construction of the larger TD03 radiator. The radiator fin density, while not the same as the full TD03, appears to be similar to the larger/wider radiators from the TD03-Lite kit (roughly 20 FPI).

SilverStone TD03 Slim_009

The contact plate forgoes the uninterrupted welded construction from the TD03 as well, securing the cold plate to the pump housing through a series of eight screws. Most mainstream CPUs won’t be impacted from this change, but it isn’t as nice to look at as the perfectly smooth base of the TD03. No mirror polish here on the TD03 Slim either, although the surface doesn’t contain any noticeable grooves or machining marks.


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