SilverStone ML08 Mini-ITX Slim Case Review


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SilverStone ML08 Detailed Features

The ML08 isn’t terribly smaller than the ML07 it follows. It does iterate on a few notable features though; let’s take a closer look.

SilverStone ML08_00006

The smoked transparent window slides down to reveal the front I/O panel. A similar mechanism is used on the Raven version of this chassis. When in the closed position, the front panel appears pleasingly symmetrical, and the blue power/HDD activity LEDs are nicely subdued but still visible through the sliding panel.

SilverStone ML08_00007

The optional carry handle adds a bit of height but a lot of utility to this slim chassis. It can be mounted on either side – which makes me wonder if this accessory can be ordered on its own…a handle on *both* sides of the ML08 used horizontally would be interesting to say the least! (Or at least a set of rails for a rack mount…?) Perhaps more useful would be a bolt-on set of “feet” that could be used on the bottom instead of the free-standing brackets included with the ML08. I’m sure some enterprising 3D printer users could come up with even more ideas, but the handle itself is a welcome addition to a small, portable case. There is a caveat to the handle though – before we broach that subject, let’s look at the side panels.

SilverStone ML08_00009

What do the side panels have to do with a handle on the top?? Well, after looking at the picture above, it’ll be pretty obvious. These aren’t purely “side” panels – each of the two wrap around their respective corners and actually overlap the other side about an inch or so. The handle mounts to the chassis frame with four bolts *through* one of these panels – that’s right, the use of the handle will mean you’ll need to remove it whenever you need to access anything inside that particular panel. For most users, that may not be much of an issue (especially with small builds such as these – most components that go into a case like this tend to be chosen specifically for that particular build, not as much tinkering as an ATX case built to house many different types of systems).

SilverStone ML08_00010

For such a small case there are quite a few accessories included with the ML08. This includes snap-on dust filters for each panel, two stands to keep it upright when used vertically (and four rubber feet for horizontal use), the PCI-E riser card and extender, a PSU bracket, a bracket for the GPU, a bracket for the optional optical drive, a SilverStone case badge and the bag of assorted screws and cable ties.

SilverStone ML08_00011

The interior layout is reminiscent of the first “Z”. The motherboard goes in the lower right corner of the picture above, with the PSU sitting in the lower left. Above are the optical drive bracket and (tool-less!) 2.5″ drive trays, located on the back of the GPU section.

SilverStone ML08_00012

The other section is relatively bare. A large cutout allows access to the CPU backplate, which is a nice improvement over the first “Z” series. The GPU sits in its own compartment up top, essentially completely isolated thermally from the rest of the system. If the GPU used is short enough (or not used at all) a 3.5″ drive can be fastened down in this location as well.


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  1. Rex

    My biggest question comes to which custom cpu coolers can work with this case. I am having a hard time finding info on this.

  2. Alex

    VERY VERY USEFUL review , especially details about the recommended actual graphics card size requirements, interior passive cooling temps and building experience!

    1. Tom Jaskulka

      Thank you, glad you liked it! The ML08 surprised me in many ways, I hope SilverStone continues to develop cases like these.

  3. Puriya Yazdanfard

    I would really love to know if blowerstyle GPUs have lower temps than dual fanned ones in this case? There are lots of different opinion on this. I have an MSI GTX 760 dual fanned in it and it runs a little bit too hot. Actually it throttles when playing for extensive periods. So I am wondering if a blowerstyle GPU keeps cooler.


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