SilverStone ML08 Mini-ITX Slim Case Review


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SilverStone ML08 Overview

The ML08 ships in two main models (both with an additional option for a handle, designated by an -H): a version with clear acrylic wrap-around windows and the version pictured here; featuring black plastic snap-on dust filters instead of windows.

SilverStone ML08_00002

At first glance, the sheer slimness of the chassis really makes an impression. The Milo series is HTPC-oriented; the ML08’s conservative styling should easily blend in to any home theater setup. It’s a little deep to fit alongside many receivers and other audio equipment although the slim lines should allow this chassis to fit pretty much anywhere else.

SilverStone ML08_00038

The front panel contains a transparent window that houses the two USB 3.0 ports and the audio jacks. The power/reset buttons sit under this smoke-tinted sliding window as well, keeping the buttons out of reach (always handy for equipment that commonly sits at eye-level for a two-year-old). It’s a bit difficult to see, but a rectangular cutout for a slim optical drive sits in one of the channels formed by the front panel design.

The back of the ML08 showcases a similar but more efficient layout than its predecessor (the RVZ01/FTZ01 chassis). No removable GPU portion this time – we’ll see how that works over the next few pages.

SilverStone ML08_00001

Like the previous version of the “Z” chassis, the ML08 is reversible. In its standard configuration, the CPU/motherboard area would be located at the bottom of the case, facing out of the right panel.

SilverStone ML08_00003

That means the GPU area is located up top facing the other direction (left). On the non-windowed version pictured here, two black plastic dust filters snap over the case ventilation sections.

SilverStone ML08_00004

The “top” and “bottom” of the case (if used in a vertical orientation) are essentially duplicates of each other. A thin strip of ventilation holes allows heat to escape out of the top…

SilverStone ML08_00005

…or cool air to be drawn in from the bottom. The ML08 ships with two case feet for use when the case is oriented vertically, so this section won’t be sitting directly on a surface. It won’t be a lot of clearance but it should still allow for some air movement. On both sides of the ML08 four holes can be seen; these are the mounting holes for the optional handle (which can be mounted on either side).


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  1. Rex

    My biggest question comes to which custom cpu coolers can work with this case. I am having a hard time finding info on this.

  2. Alex

    VERY VERY USEFUL review , especially details about the recommended actual graphics card size requirements, interior passive cooling temps and building experience!

    1. Tom Jaskulka

      Thank you, glad you liked it! The ML08 surprised me in many ways, I hope SilverStone continues to develop cases like these.

  3. Puriya Yazdanfard

    I would really love to know if blowerstyle GPUs have lower temps than dual fanned ones in this case? There are lots of different opinion on this. I have an MSI GTX 760 dual fanned in it and it runs a little bit too hot. Actually it throttles when playing for extensive periods. So I am wondering if a blowerstyle GPU keeps cooler.


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