NZXT GRID+ V2 Digital Fan Controller Review


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NZXT GRID+ V2 Overview

Despite the “V2” in the name, this GRID is actually the third iteration in a series of GRID devices. The first was merely the hub from an H630/H440 chassis dressed up in a plastic housing, allowing anyone to add a central hub for 10 fans. The GRID+ followed soon after, adding the “digital fan control” portion to the fan hub. The V2 adds a few subtle improvements and subsequently replaces the preceding GRIDs.

NZXTS340 Razer_21The GRID+ V2 arrives safely packaged in a plastic insert. A bundle of cables accompanies the digital fan controller – the 4-pin Molex power connector for feeding 12V to the GRID+ V2, a micro-USB cable that terminates in a standard USB motherboard header/connector, and two 3-to-4-pin “Y” extension cables. A total of eight fans (with use of the extension Y cables) can be powered by the GRID+ V2. Some of 3M’s “Double-Loc” mounting tape will ensure the fan controller will mount practically anywhere in a case (the controller housing is only 18mm “tall” – any case with ~20mm of cable clearance should be able to mount the GRID+ V2 behind the motherboard tray if desired).

NZXTS340 Razer_41

The GRID+ V2 follows the same design language as NZXT’s DOKO streaming device – although at 73mm square, it’s quite a bit smaller (about two-thirds the size). A single power LED is visible on the top of the device alongside the engraved GRID+ logotype.

NZXTS340 Razer_42

It’s a pretty simple device. A micro-USB header sits alongside the 12V DC jack, and six 3-pin fan headers are positioned in groups of three on the left/right sides of the housing.

NZXTS340 Razer_43

Some vents for the circuit board and components inside sit on the “top” of the device (if positioned vertically). The GRID+ V2 doesn’t generate much heat under typical loads (it can handle up to 30W), but allowing the components to breathe a little bit certainly doesn’t hurt.

NZXTS340 Razer_44

The first two GRID fan hubs required an adapter to be used with 4-pin fans. Not so with the GRID+ V2. NZXT extended the opening slightly to allow users to plug in 4-pin fans without the use of an extension. Regardless of the type of fans used, all speeds of those connected to the GRID+ V2 will be controlled via voltage, not PWM. Speaking of fan speeds, let’s get to the software portion of this digital fan controller.


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