Antec GX505 Window SC Mid-Tower Case Review


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Antec GX505 Window SC Exterior Features

After opening the box, we see the Antec GX505 sandwiched in between two pieces of styrofoam and wrapped with a giant plastic bag for protection.


After we get rid of all the packaging, we are left with a shiny new Antec GX505 Window SC. This is the front of the case with the bold new design and hefty mesh grille. We can see the Antec logo and three 5.25″ bay slots. Just above the 5.25″ bays you can see the two LED lights.


Here is the back-side of the Antec GX505 Window SC. We have a pre-installed 120mm fan, some grommet pass through holes, 7 PCI expansion slots, and a bottom mount PSU.


This is the window side of the Antec GX505. The window allows a good view of your components inside the case. You also have a bit of a punched out panel on the side to give a bit more room for CPU heat sink clearance.


This is the cable management side of the GX505 Window SC. You also have a removable side panel with the same shape punched out to help with cable clearance when building your PC.


At the top of the Antec GX505 Window SC, you have a very stylish venting cover on the back end for the two pre-installed 120mm fans. At the front, we have your power, reset, headphone, mic, HDD activity LED, fan controller, and two USB 3.0 ports. The audio and USB ports have rubber covers inserted into them to help keep dust out. The power switch has a blue LED indicator to let you know when your PC is powered on.


We have a look at the belly of the GX505 Window SC, and you’ll notice rubber feet and a PSU fan filter. Right in the middle you’ll see four holes that are slightly indented into the interior of the chassis, and this is for mounting an optional 2.5″ SSD drive.


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  1. letmepicyou

    Have you considered the possibility that what you call a 3.5″ floppy slot is actually where most folks would mount a 3.5″ card reader?

    1. Jason Maxfield

      You could mount a 3.5″ card reader there. You can also mount a 3.5″ card reader in a 5.25″ slot, since you can get adapters, or even have adapters already included with a 3.5″ card reader. With the brackets already part of the cage, that space is limited in function, and that is my main gripe about the 3.5″ slot.

  2. Himanshu Rawat

    I am unable to screw my GPU (zotac GTX 960) after mounting on the PCI slot. How to fix the GPU in that position any solution?

    1. Jason Maxfield

      This particular case doesn’t have brackets screwed on like most other cases. The brackets have to be popped out to place anything in the corresponding PCI slots lining up with your motherboard. Antec did include screws for the PCI mounting locations once the tabs are popped out.

      Sorry for the late response, I never received the alert in my email for this comment.

  3. mike

    Horrible review. 5.25 is not just for floppy smh. and the ssd spot use thumb screws and its still tool less. just saying.

    1. Jason Maxfield

      Mike, I never said 5.25 was just for floppy. I referenced the 3.5 as a ‘floppy drive mount’. Obviously you can put a card reader in that section. The SSD bays did not use thumb screws. I recently gave this case to a friend for better air flow over her old case, and I installed everything for her.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  4. lemor

    Do you think h100i gtx will fit on the top?


    I’m seriously thinking of buying H100i GTX for my config.

    1. Jason Maxfield

      Lemor, I think if the H100i GTX were to fit at all you would have to install it in a pull configuration. The top section of the chassis has just enough room to mount two 120mm fans. The radiator for the H100i GTX is 276mm wide and would not fit in the top where the fans mount.

      However since the fans are almost flush with the top of the case, there might be room for the 30mm thickness of the radiator below the fans. Antec’s information about water cooling for this case is non-existent. Tech specs mention water cooling grommets and that’s it.

      Careful measurements will be your best guide, if you already own the case. If you have other options open, I would look for a case that specifically lists compatibility with the H100i GTX to ensure a proper installation and functionality.

      1. lemor

        I just check the information you provided. The top fans are just above the motherboard. But there is space below the fan and above the mobo. Any modding advice you would suggest?

        1. Jason Maxfield

          There is space below the fans since the fans are mounted above the roof of the case. Just how much space, that is the question. A lot of how things will fit depends on your motherboard and where your 4/8 pin CPU power are located. The thickness of the radiator could interfere with the 4 pin headers for CPU fans and DIMM slots as well.

          Careful measuring and looking at the layout of your motherboard is all I can suggest to see if the H100i will fit in the case. Also, you might lose out on the top-most 5.25″ drive bay, depending on the orientation of the radiator once installed.

          1. Lemor

            Alright I’ve purchased the radiator. I’ll give it a shot. If it doesn’t work I’ll remove the top cover over the two 120mm(s) and mount them in push pull config. None the less pull (intake).

            Or I’ll buy a new case. What would you suggest?

            1. Jason Maxfield

              Any suggestions I might make would depend on if the cooler fits the case or not. Just have to see what happens.

  5. Joel

    Hello Jason , Do u think that a ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 ROG Strix Gaming would fit into this case? A quick reply would be very much appriciated! //Joel

    1. Jason Maxfield

      Sorry for responding late. My notifications keep ending up in my spam folder… Gmail is being bad.

      Anyhow, to answer your question, the Asus 1070 ROG Strix will fit in that case easily. I checked the specs on the case and it can accommodate GPU’s up to 14.95″ long. The Strix is just under 12 inches.

      The way the Antec GX505 is designed leaves room for long GPU’s since it doesn’t have a drive bay in the way, where your typical single GPU will be seated on your motherboard. This also allows the front-top 120mm fan that is included to blow air directly at your GPU to help keep it running cool.

  6. RoLoX

    can i fix RX 480 in this casing…??

    1. Jason Maxfield

      It depends on which RX 480 you intend to use in the case? Although, as I mentioned in a previous reply, the case can accommodate GPU’s up to 14.95″ in length. The PowerColor Red Devil RX 480 is about 12.2 inches long, and I believe it’s one of the longest RX 480’s on the market, and that one should fit just fine in the GX505.

  7. Emily Stone

    I’m struggling to find much other info on this case online. Did you have any issues getting your fans (other than front, controlled by top switch) running? I haven’t been able to get the other two going.


    1. Jason Maxfield

      Hi Emily,

      I don’t recall how many leads were on the fan connector for the switch. I think the 2 front fans and the rear exhaust were already hooked up to the fan switch. I don’t think there was room for any others. You could use a Y adapter to hook more fans up to the controller.

      Otherwise, you can connect extra fans directly to the motherboards fan headers. With most modern boards you can also set fans to spin (in the BIOS/UEFI) at certain percentages based on thermal output of your CPU or system temps. Using a combination of both you can probably find a good mix of air flow to noise while keeping everything running cool.

  8. Crazed

    I know this is super old but do you know what kind of pins did the fans have? My motherboard has only 1 chassis fan connector, is there any way I can still run all 3?

    1. Jason Maxfield

      You can get a molex to 3 pin adapter for powering the fans. Might need two of them, or one with a Y connector to hook two up to one lead.

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