Tenda AC15 AC1900 Dual-Band WiFi Router Review


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Tenda AC15 Wireless Router Overview

There is nothing really fancy included with the Tenda AC15 wireless router. This has come to be expected considering the low price point being targeted. There is no PoE injector (mainly because the Tenda AC15 does not support PoE), the installation guide is short yet straightforward, and there is no wall mounting accessory. Tenda does include a charger, an Ethernet cable, technical documentation, and a stand that allows the router the be mounted vertically. Tenda-AC1900-Accessories

The Tenda AC15 measures 8.9 x 7.07 x 3.02 in (226 x 179.5 x 76.6mm) which is average when compared to similar routers such as the ASUS RT-AC68U. Tenda does expect you to use it primarily using the included stand, as there are no wall mounting accessories included. Laying it down horizontally against a surface is probably not a good idea as the antennas can not be turned so they are the facing towards the top and the connections at the back would be squeezed by the weight of the router.


The front of the Tenda AC15 is decorated by a very peculiar plastic design. It feels soft to the touch, and it avoids the common fingerprint problem that many routers with a soft metallic finish use. But I still feel like Tenda should have included a more subtle design. Most of our readers would agree that it has become quite the trend for hardware enthusiasts to make more minimalistic designs with less flashy features.


In terms of outputs and inputs the Tenda AC15 has plenty of options. At the top we find three buttons, one for WPS, one for WiFi off/on, and another one for resetting the router. At the back we also find a power on/off button, a power port, one USB 3.0 ports, one RJ45 WAN port, and three RJ45 LAN ports. In terms of front facing indicator LEDs we find one Power, one Internet, three LAN, one 5G, one 2.4G, one WPS, one USB, and one SYS indicators.

Now that we have seen the exterior of the Tenda AC15, let’s crack it open.


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