SilverStone CS01B-HS Mini-ITX Case Review


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SilverStone CS01B-HS Detailed Features

SilverStone’s aim was to make building a system as simple and clean as possible (especially where Mini-ITX is concerned). You can get a good sense for the overall size of this chassis from the 120mm fan at the bottom. Because this version has hot swap bays, the interior is slightly more cramped.  Also due to the hot swap bays, no 3.5″ bays are included (only 2.5″ drives will install in this case).
CS01-HS No Panel

This is arguably the cleanest interior I’ve seen straight out of box. The only cables pre-installed are the standard front panel connectors, the fan connector, and the PSU/USB 3.0 headers. You aren’t of course, really expected to do any real cable management. But the open interior does make routing to your motherboard a cinch. CPU coolers of up to 68mm, and a PSU up to 130mm can be installed.

CS01-HS No Panel Close Up

I’ve seen many, many hard drive trays made of plastic. Some have been downright awful, some have been okay. However, I think I can safely say these may be the best plastic hard drive trays I’ve ever seen. They may be plastic, but it’s very thick. No bending, no snapping, nothing. Which is great, because if you use the hot swap feature very often, they’ll get a lot of wear and tear.

CS01-HS Hot Swap Tray

In keeping with SilverStone’s intention for this case the interior is simple, clean, and easy to build in. Again, nothing to really critique here, it’s a great design for both the novice and experienced builders alike.


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  1. Bnormann

    Wow, that is a nice looking case.
    Silverstone really has a great design team, or at least one that speaks to my design ethos……

  2. Musaab

    This case shout loudly “I am NAS Case” and that right this case is for NAS DIY but if SS fit four 3.5″ in stead of six 2.5″ it will be the bast ever NAS for home. And where is the final built I can’t see how can motherboard+ Power supply + RAID card become in side this case.

    1. Grayson Peddie

      Yeah, I’d like to see a build of a case. 68mm of heatsink clearance means I may not be able to fit an Arctic Alpine M1 heatsink along with an ASRock AM1H-ITX motherboard into the case. Make it 5mm longer and I would gladly pay for it.

  3. Richard

    I just want a case that fits:

    1x 3.5″
    1x 2.5″
    SFF Graphics Card
    Mini ITX

    Small enough to carry in my luggage, and that doesn’t look like it was designed by a 14 year old kid (with ugly plastic angles everywhere)

    The lack of 3.5″ is a deal breaker for so many cases. 2.5″ drives are too slow and too expensive, unless you are getting and SSD.

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