NZXT S340 By Razer ATX Case Review


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NZXT S340 Designed By Razer Detailed Features

Razer adds a few more distinct touches to their variation of the NZXT S340.

NZXTS340 Razer_14

The USB 3.0 plugs use the signature Razer Green first featured on the Razer Blade system. I’m not sure how many you have to order to get the USB 3.0 ports in a custom color, but I’m guessing – since no other manufacturer has done it yet (other than Apple’s grey) – this might be the first color other than blue to be featured. A small detail, but small touches like these are nice to see.

NZXTS340 Razer_05

The interior is finished entirely in all matte black, with the exception of a (non-LED, paint only) green Razer logo on the cable management bar. I originally expected this bar to be bright green like the red/blue versions of the S340. I think the matte black was probably a better move overall, allowing the system to blend in with a wider range of components.

NZXTS340 Razer_07

The rest of the interior is the same as the regular S340. The 2.5″ SSD trays, vents over the 3.5″ cage area and the 2x140mm front fan/radiator mounts are all in their usual locations. Most motherboard standoffs are pre-installed; a raised center post allows a builder to hang an ATX motherboard and keep it in place relatively hands-free.

NZXTS340 Razer_13

The front panel hides a virtually full-length magnetic filter, allowing for the nearly unrestricted airflow the S340 is known for (the large airflow channel behind the front panel provides no shortage of fresh air in spite of the solid front). A plastic housing which contains the front green LED connects to the rest of the chassis with a simple 2-pin quick disconnect.

NZXTS340 Razer_06

Two matte black 120mm FN v2 series fans arrive with the S340. The interior is otherwise free of any obstructions, making for a very clean and tidy appearance.

NZXTS340 Razer_09

The S340 arrives with all cables nicely bundled. Some will need to be split off from the group of course; multiple tie down points all over the chassis make this a simple task to keep everything in order. An accessory box is nestled in the two 3.5″ drive trays. This entire section (like the H440 and other S340s) is partitioned off from the main motherboard compartment, keeping all of the PSU wiring hidden from view.


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