NZXT S340 By Razer ATX Case Review


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NZXT S340 Designed By Razer Overview

We’ve seen the S340 here at Benchmark Reviews before, but the Razer edition (like the H440 before it) adds a few new features. While it’s mainly a cosmetic upgrade there are a few new details that will stand out. First, let’s take a look around the outside.

NZXTS340 Razer_02

The overall structure is the same – this is definitely an S340, but right away the front panel sets this particular edition apart from the rest. Razer’s signature triple-headed snake logo, backed in green, stands out on the normally-featureless S340 front panel. This logo is backlit with an LED (green, naturally).

NZXTS340 Razer_03

The window used on the left side panel is the same shape and size as on the other S340s from NZXT, but this version uses a darkly tinted window to fit the overall matte black-on-black theme.

NZXTS340 Razer_01

The matte black used is very similar to the matte black/red and matte black/blue color editions of the S340. However, the treatment applied to the Razer Edition seems ever so slightly more durable – perhaps as a result of the maturation of the S340 itself? You’ll still need to be pretty careful handling it overall, as the matte coating just doesn’t have the same durability of many gloss finishes. We’ll see if this becomes an issue later during assembly.

NZXTS340 Razer_04

The matte treatment extends everywhere. The back panel displays the typical ATX format employed by the S340, although there are a few new features here. A small button at the top controls the additional case lighting (it’s an “all-or-nothing” approach here – either the two zones are all on or all off), and an additional bracket fills in the small gap above the PCI-E slots/thumbscrews.

NZXTS340 Razer_10

Unlike the red/blue color editions of the S340, Razer’s version uses yet more black for the front panel plastic insert. Razer Green still makes an appearance in the plastic inserts for the two USB 3.0 ports alongside the headphone/mic jacks, and the power LED indicator (a ring around the power button) is also lit with a green LED. Small icons for the headphone/mic/usb ports are done in a gloss black, making them very subtle.

NZXTS340 Razer_11

A frame-less dust filter (yes, it’s about as flimsy as it sounds) covers the PSU intake underneath the S340, and mounting holes for a 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive can be seen up front. Flanking the sides of the S340 are the green LED light bars that are a unique addition to the Razer edition.


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