Silverstone ML06-E Mini-ITX HTPC Case Review


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SilverStone ML06-E Overview

First up – a tour around the outside of SilverStone’s ML06-E HTPC enclosure.

ML06-E_00001The front of the ML06-E benefits the most from SilverStone’s signature brushed metal finish. A drastic improvement over the initial ML05’s acrylic, this solid chunk of aluminum really lends a premium feel to the entire case while remaining sophisticated enough to blend in with other A/V equipment. A cutout for slim slot-load drives marks the only visible opening on the front panel.

ML06-E_00002The left side of the ML06-E is reversed from the regular ML06 – normally, the power supply and drives are on this side, but the -E version swaps it up and places the PCI-E edge of ITX motherboards here. This allows (half-height only!) GPUs or other add-in cards to get the first shot at fresh, cool air.

ML06-E_00003The back panel clues us in to the internal layout of this model. It’s tough to tell without a comparison shot what has changed – let’s see if we can dig one up…


Ahh, there we go. The D-Sub connector punch-out and single-slot auxiliary PCI-E slot (for fan controllers, etc.) still return in their original locations above the rear motherboard I/O. The older ML05 pictured above only had space for a single-slot PCI-E card, while the ML06-E manages to fit a double-width card in the same total space by swapping the PSU over to the other side.

ML06-E_00004That side being of course, the previously-ventilated right side. On the ML06-E, this side is featureless.


The top panel is the only removable one with the main 120mm motherboard/CPU ventilation holes (along with a smaller set for an SFX PSU in the upper right) the only features. A new addition is barely visible beneath the ventilation holes; SilverStone includes a slim 120mm fan with the ML06-E.


No distinctive features on the bottom panel either. There are four rubber feet included with this case that will go here, but to save space they just arrive in the accessory package instead of installed (you’ll have to stick them on yourself).


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