Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX SE Case Review


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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX SE More Detailed Features

The front panel ports include two USB 3.0 ports, standard headphone and microphone jacks, a reset button which doubles as the HDD activity LED, and a power button located at the top of the chassis. The power button does not illuminate when turned on because the LED is actually located on the front near the bottom of the Evolv ITX SE.

Phanteks Evolv ITX SE White Black Front IO Ports

The front 5mm LED is interchangeable and is located just below the front 200mm front intake fan. It can be removed and swapped for a different color LED if needed. On the white Evolv ITX SE, the LED illuminates white.

Phanteks Evolv ITX SE White Black Front LED

Taking a closer look at the multifunctional mid-plate, we can clearly see there is a mount for an SSD/HDD bracket. It uses a drop-N-lock mechanism for easy removal and installation of the storage drive. Below the multifunctional bracket, there is a large cutout in the power supply housing to give room for a pump and reservoir if they are mounted on the bottom of the case. Of course, the HDD cage would have to be removed.

Phanteks Evolv ITX SE White Black Multifunctional Mid-Plate

The HDD caddies can easily mount 3.5″ drives without any screws. Mounting 2.5″ drives will require four screws for installation. The HDD caddies can be easily inserted back into the HDD cage and the entire cage can be removed to make room for a 240mm radiator at the front of the case. Keep in mind there are only two 3.5″ drive caddies in the Evolv ITX SE.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M HDD Caddy

SSD drives can be screwed into the SSD drop-N-lock bracket. There is just one drop-N-lock mount located behind the motherboard tray and another one on the multifunctional mid-plate. Unfortunately, only one drop-N-lock bracket is included with the Evolv ITX. Using right-angled power and SATA cables may not be suitable for storage devices mounted in these locations.

Phanteks Evolv ITX SE White Black Drop-N-Lock

Let’s go ahead and build a system with the Evolv ITX SE after seeing all the great features it has to offer.


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