Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX SE Case Review


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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX SE Detailed Features

The interior of the Evolv ITX SE is very simple. A large motherboard cutout is available so there is no need to take out the motherboard just to replace the CPU cooler. Rubber grommets are included for cable management and the power supply can be seen through the cutout on the power supply housing chamber. Phanteks has also included their multifunctional mid-plate near the front of the case. This bracket is removable but can be useful for hiding power cables leading to the graphics card. It can also mount a water pump, reservoir, and an SSD or HDD with a separate mounting bracket.

Phanteks Evolv ITX SE White Black Interior

Taking a look at the back, Velcro straps are available for cable management. The power supply housing also includes an HDD cage which is also removable. Two 3.5″ drive bays are included along with a single drop-N-lock bracket for 2.5″ drives closer to the top of the case.

Phanteks Evolv ITX SE White Black Motherboard Tray

Removing the front panel reveals the large dust filter and a 200mm pre-installed fan. The dust filter can be easily removed by popping it off, allowing access to the 200mm fan.

Phanteks Evolv ITX SE White Black Front Filter

Once the dust filter and fan has been removed, two 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator can be mounted at the front. No 5.25″ drive bays are present with the Evolv ITX SE in order to give room for a 240mm radiator at the front. Keep in mind that when installing a front radiator with fans, the multifunctional mid-plate and the bottom HDD cage must be removed.

Phanteks Evolv ITX SE White Black Front Radiator Mount

In the next section, we will dive deeper to see what other features the Evolv ITX SE has to offer.


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