Genius Ring Air Mouse 2 Review


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Features and Specifications


This is a very good explanatory picture of the features offered by the Genius Ring Mouse 2. Once you get used to the functions and what the various buttons do you have a fair amount of control over you computer. I like having most of my immediate viewing controls right in my hand. Yes, indeed there is a learning curve, but there was more challenge maneuvering the cursor than remembering the function controls.



  • Cordless : YES
  • RF frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Buttons: Five
  • Resolution(dpi): 1250 dpi
  • UI: YES
  • Air Cursor: YES
  • Touch Scroll: YES
  • Optical Sensor: YES
  • Both Handed: YES
  • 4D Scroll: YES
  • Note: When I first read about the 4D feature of the Ring Mouse 2, I was a bit confused about how it would control time, however according to the wiseGEEK website: “The abbreviation 4D refers to four directional. A 4D mouse can scroll a page both vertically and horizontally; or up/down and left/right.”

System Requirements

  • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP or Mac OSX 10.4+ or above
  • Available USB Port

Package Contents:

  • Ring Mouse 2
  • USB receiver
  • Rechargeable cable (micro USB)
  • CD driver
  • Pouch


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