Genius Ring Air Mouse 2 Review


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Ring Mouse 2 Detailed Features

The Genius Ring Mouse 2 is packaged with a mini-CD that includes the driver and a dashboard for general information on the Ring Mouse 2 and use and controls. You can also set the Ring Mouse 2 cursor DPI. This is a very nice feature because the tiny User’s Manual has almost microscopic print. So it is a lot easier to read about the use and features of the Ring Mouse 2 in a larger format. The screen capture below shows the “Button Definitions” page of the dashboard.


As you can see below, the Ring Mouse 2 is available in two colors: silver and titanium. Both colours are attractive enough to be noticed, but understated enough not to be distracting. I am not much of a color coordinator, but, if you do have a preference it is nice to have at least a couple of choices.


I also want to touch on the fit and finish here. As you can see in the pictures of this article the Ring Mouse 2 has a very clean, modern shape. It looks good, and yet it is discrete. To me this is important. The major reason I would buy this mouse is that I can freely move about during a presentation and not have to move to a podium or coordinate with someone to change my slides. So, the very purpose, for me, is to discretely control the presentation, and not have attention drawn to the user interface. This is exactly what the Ring Mouse 2 does.



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