Raijintek Ereboss CPU Cooler Review

Raijintek Ereboss CPU Cooler Review

Being new to the market makes Raijintek an interesting company to watch as their competitors, having been around for many years, are predictable while Raijintek still has the ability to surprise.

Having targeted the entry to mid-level CPU-cooling market with their initial product launch, the Aidos, Themis, and Ereboss make up their first round of CPU coolers with additional products to follow. Raijintek, offering up solid products and the desire to expand, could soon become a force to be reckoned with in the PC-enthusiast market. Looking toward the future, I have high hopes and can’t wait to see what they come up with as everything I have seen thus far is only the beginning.

Today’s review will focus on the Ereboss cooler—Raijintek’s current top cooler. Making use of a 140 mm x 13 mm fan with a large surface area for heat dissipation, I have to say that my initial reaction is not one of excitement. I am, instead, puzzled by the design. However, sporting such a large aluminum fin stack with six 6 mm heatpipes, this cooler could surprise. With specs that look promising, and a flashy color scheme, the Ereboss seeks to impress, so let’s see what it has to offer before passing judgment as looks can truly be deceiving… at techPowerUp!

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  1. Olin Coles

    … and the award for worst brand and product name goes to: Raijintek for their Ereboss CPU Cooler!

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