Ozone Rage ST Gaming Headset Review


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Ozone Rage ST Detailed Features

Each earcup on the Ozone Rage ST contains a single 40mm driver for sound. That’s pretty standard across the board. Extra drivers in the earcups are always nice, but you won’t see that in the price range of the Ozone Rage ST. The single driver means you’ll have to rely on software for surround.


The microphone on the Ozone Rage ST is omni-directional and has six 5mm drivers. That helps with noise cancellation as well as picking up the sounds you want. There isn’t an EMI isolation unit like we’ve seen on higher end headsets, though. That means your recordings might pick up a little interference.  The max SPL on the mic is -38dB and the impedance is around 2.2k Ohms. Again, those numbers are all in the pretty standard range.


Let’s go over the rest of the specs of the headset, although you won’t find anything really out of the ordinary. The frequency response on the speakers are 20Hz to 20kHz. The driver impedance is a standard 32 Ohms and the max SPL at 1kHz is 85dB. That 85dB isn’t quite as high as some other gaming headsets, but it should do the trick. I’d like to see up to around 115dB, but a little distortion that loud shouldn’t be too noticeable.


The Ozone Rage ST Gaming headset weighs a svelte 300grams. That makes it one of the lightest headsets I’ve tested. That fact alone outweighs some of the downsides of the headset, no pun intended. I can’t stead headsets that feel heavy. After a short time, they start to get uncomfortable. With the Rage ST, I can wear the headset for hours at a time without discomfort.


The final note I’d like to make about the Ozone Rage ST is about the cable length. It is 2.5m long, which is typically plenty, and pretty average, but not quite enough for me. Even headsets with a 3m cable seem a little too short for me. I like long cables on my headset. I don’t typically just sit in one spot when I use them, I’m often moving around and I want to have that freedom. With the Ozone Rage ST, I have to use an extension cable.


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