Ozone Rage ST Gaming Headset Review


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OZONE Rage ST Overview

The OZONE Rage ST Gaming Headset comes in a black and red windowed box. The packaging was clearly designed to show off the headset, which is a smart move in my opinion. The windows covers almost the entire front of the box. The features and specifications of the OZONE Rage ST can be found on the left side and back of the case. The right side of the case is also filled with a window.


The OZONE Rage ST Advanced Gaming headset’s earcups are cushioned with a fabric mesh material. The earcups fit completely around my ears and my ears fit comfortably inside the cushions. The earcups are extremely comfortable. They sit very lightly around my ears and are hardly noticeable. They are breathable as well, so my ears don’t get hot after long sessions.


The headband padding on the Ozone Rage ST Advanced Gaming Headset is made of the same material as the ear cushions, but it is quite a bit thinner. At first as was concerned by this. My biggest headache from a lot of headsets comes from the headband. Fortunately for me, the Ozone Rage ST is so light that it doesn’t sit heavily on my head at all, meaning that the lighter padding is plenty to keep my head comfortable.


The outside of the Ozone Rage ST Advanced Gaming Headset is made from a thick plastic. The Rage ST that I got came with black plastic, but that isn’t the only option. The Rage ST comes in a few different colors. I particularly like the white ones.


The Ozone Rage ST Advanced Gaming Headset uses an inline remote to control the mic and the volume. The mic control is a simple on-off switch, but it’s big enough and flat enough that you won’t accidently hit it. On the opposite side is a wheel control for the volume.


The cord on the Ozone Rage ST is a decent length and it is covered with a thick plastic shell. It’s not super thick, and so still pliable, but it is thick enough that you shouldn’t have many issues with tangling. As for the connector, it consists of the normal two  jacks, one for audio and one for the mic; nothing special there.


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