Rosewill RSCM-12003 Outdoor Security Camera Review


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Closer Look: RSCM-12003

The Rosewill RSCM-12003 IR Outdoor Bullet Camera Kit (UPC 898745060003) is a standalone wired closed-circuit device that presently sells online for $74.99 (Newegg|Amazon). This kit includes the Rosewill RCMR-13CCDIR camera with built-in mount, a top-attachable shield, hex wrench for making adjustments, and four nylon anchors with screws.


At the heard of the Rosewill RCMR-13CCDIR camera is Sony’s popular 1/3″ CCD digital image sensor, which is paired to a 75-degree 2.8-12mm lens that produces 768(H)X494(V) effective pixels in NTSC TV system format. The camera delivers 540 TV lines of horizontal resolution, and features a 1/60~1/10000 second electronic shutter speed (NTSC).


Protected by an IP66-rated hardened outdoor waterproof enclosure, the camera (alone) weighs 2.09 pounds (950g) and measures 3.3″ x 5.9″ x 7.8″ (Φ85mm x 150mm x 199mm). Four mounting screws with anchors are included with the kit, as well as a Allen-head wrench for adjusting tilt and turn.


Surrounding the lens are 70 infrared (IR) LEDs, which illuminate up to 196.85 feet (60M) away. In daylight, the camera displays a full-color picture. At night, or whenever the camera depends on IR lighting, the picture is displayed in greyscale. When Auto Gain Control is turned off, the maximum signal/noise ratio measures 48dB.


Two weather-resistant knobs located on the camera’s underside separately control zoom and focus. These adjustments allow the varifocal lens system to focus from 2.8 to 12mm, with up to 75° field of view.


Rosewill’s RSCM-12003 camera draws 80mA when operating without IR, and up to 380mA with active infrared. Integrated power and video cables are routed through the hollow mounting support, and can also be routed through one of the rubber plugs at the top and bottom of the mounting plate.


Many of Rosewill’s security cameras utilize the same 1.0Vp-p. 75ohm BNC video connection, as well as 12V DC barrel power connection. This helps to make their entire line of cameras compatible with their RSVA-11001 or RSVA-12001 all-in-one DVR kits.

Continue on to the Final Thoughts and Conclusion in the next page, where I share my test results and rate the Rosewill RSCM-12003 Outdoor Security Bullet Camera.


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