SilverStone SST-AR01 CPU Cooler Heatsink Review


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AR01 Detailed Features

Looking closer at the AR01, the build quality and attention to detail started to shine through. This isn’t a cheap heatsink, no matter how inexpensive it is.


While it isn’t a deciding factor (too many others come into play when you’re talking the transfer of heat from one object to another), I was pleasantly surprised to see a near-mirror finish on the base of the AR01. Many times the direct-contact heatpipes are ground to a flat surface, leaving grooves from whatever tool was used for surfacing. It looks like SilverStone took the extra step to polish up the contact surface a bit, which all else being equal should result in better temperatures than a rough surface.


The back-plate is simple, and indeed looks quite similar (as does the mounting system) to a couple Xigmatek tower coolers I’ve worked with. It is reversible to accommodate the major sockets (AM3+/FM2, LGA1155/56/50) and the mounting kit also accommodates those sockets that use the motherboard’s built in back-plate. This photo is on an AM3+ ATX motherboard, so you should have enough clearance no matter what socket you use. Of course, some mini-ITX motherboards can result in some clearance issues, so make sure to double check clearances if you can.


Speaking of clearances, the AR-01 clears the first DIMM on a M5A990FX PRO 2.0 at least, and should on most ATX motherboards. MicroATX formats tend to crowd the socket a little more, but with low-profile memory modules becoming more popular you shouldn’t run into many clearance issues with the AR-01.


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