SilverStone SST-ARM11SC Single Monitor Interactive Arm Review


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SilverStone ARM11SC Detailed Features

The primary function of an articulated monitor arm is ergonomic computing. This means that the monitor arm should be easy to adjust and position without having to resort to tightening Allen screws and reaching behind the monitor to make adjustments.

SilverStone ARM11SC with Monitor

SilverStone has obviously considered the ergonomic factor in the design of the ARMSC11. Each section of the monitor arm moves smoothly and allows effortless positioning, provided the attached monitor is within the recommended weight and size.

The springs in a monitor arm are responsible for holding the attached monitor in the desired position. If the spring tension is too stiff, the monitor will float upwards, and if the tension is too low, the monitor will tend to slide down towards the desk surface.

SilverStone has anticipated a wide range of monitor weights and positions, and they have provided a holding screw adjustment for each joint in the monitor arm. If the monitor arm does not hold the LCD monitor in exactly the correct position, it is possible to tighten or loosen a rotation joint screw in order to fix the position. This is a valuable feature as heavier monitors may not maintain their position at the most extreme extensions of the arm without a locking screw.

For a product that spends most of its life hiding behind your monitor, the fit and finish of the SilverStone is very impressive.


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