SilverStone SST-ARM11SC Single Monitor Interactive Arm Review


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Closer Look: SilverStone ARM11SC

The product arrives disassembled with the components neatly arranged in the shipping box. The finish on the painted and aluminum components is protected by plastic wrapping, so the components should be unblemished upon arrival.

SilverStone ARM11SC Unassembled

Assembly appears to be very straightforward, but it’s a good idea to look at the enclosed instruction manual for the proper sequence to install the components of the arm.

The base of the unit is the first part of the arm to be assembled, and attaching the base clamp to the work surface is very straightforward. One of the assembly friendly features of the arm is the two-part clamp mechanism that allows you to position the base assembly on the top of the desk and then complete the assembly from underneath the desk with the clamp.

Although the base clamp is constructed with smooth polished metal, it might be advised to use plastic or rubber gasket material to protect the finish of a wood surface from the monitor arm base.

SilverStone ARM11SC Base

Once the base clamp has been installed in the desired location, it is very easy to attach the base post and first section of the swivel arm.

The next step is to attach the second section of the arm to the monitor with the included screws and Allen wrench. It’s usually best to lay the monitor on a flat soft surface to perform this step as it can be awkward to manipulate the arm section as well as a larger monitor.

The monitor attachment plate has two sets of VESA mounting holes to accommodate large and small monitor sizes. Virtually all VESA compatible monitors in the recommended size range should attach to the ARM11SC.

Finally the two arm sections are simply attached at the pivot point and the assembly is complete.

SilverStone ARM11SC Left

At this point it’s time to connect the monitor power and signal cables. SilverStone has obviously put some thought into cable management as each section of the monitor arm has its own discrete guides for mounting the power and signal wires.


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