Corsair Obsidian 350D Micro ATX Computer Case Review


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Closer Look: Corsair 350D Interior

The Corsair 350D has as beautiful and simple of an interior as it does exterior. This translates into an easy build and a system that comes together beautifully on the inside.


When you first open Corsair 350D, you are greeted with a beautiful interior, begging to be worked in. Just like its larger brethren the 350D has rubber grommets for feeding cables behind the motherboard tray to hide the ugly cables coming from the power supply. The Corsair 350D is designed to fit the largest power supplies, up to 180mm in length and video cards up to 360mm in length.


In the rear, you can see the five expansions slots that allow for a SLI/CFX setup with space in-between the cards to allow for proper cooling when using high-powered cards. Also visible is the 1200RPM, 120mm fan rated for [email protected] Above the 120mm fan are three punch-outs for running tubing for a water-cooling setup.


When you open up the rear, you can see the large opening that enables the enthusiasts to install air coolers without needing to remove the motherboard, along with space behind the tray to hide a systems cabling. The front panel cabling also runs behind the motherboard having all the cables needed for audio, USB, and power.


The Corsair Obsidian 350D can hold two 3.5″ drives internally with a tool-less configuration that allows the enthusiast to quickly switch new components in and out as needed. This is not a case designed to be a storage server but more of client to a much larger backend.


In the rear, Corsair included three 2.5″ drive bays. To install a drive all a user needs to do is push a 2.5″ drive in and the clip at the end will hold each drive in.


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  1. ehume

    Nice review. It’s certainly a clean case, and it should be wide enough for cable management.

    I do like to see a measurement taken of the space behind the motherboard. It lets us know one of those hidden details that can make a case nice or nasty to work in.

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