SilverStone Tundra TD02-E CPU Cooler Review


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SilverStone Tundra TD02-E: Fan Noise Measurements

As per request from many members of the enthusiast community, Benchmark Reviews has added noise measurements to our CPU cooler testing methodology. Each test is conducted in a noise isolated room, during the night time to avoid any minor disturbances caused by normal daytime activities near our location. Our base ambient temperature was measured at 15 dB, for each of our tests. Noise was measured using a Brüel & Kjær type 2225 sound level meter located at 1 meter from the fan/fans. Fans were placed so that the axis of rotation of the fan is perpendicular to our line of measurement. For our dual fan noise measurements, fans were placed in series (facing each other) with a 10 cm gap between them. All fans were tested at 12 Volts.


The fans included with both the SilverStone TD03-E and TD02-E have the model number APA1225M12. Unfortunately, SilverStone has not released this same model as a standalone item, and there is very little information about this model online. However, it is clear that they are loud, really loud, coming in as the second loudest fans in our single fan measurements. It should be noted that the Raijintek Boreas included with the Raijintek Triton were not included, as they are powered by the same 3-pin header and can only be run in dual fan configurations.


At the moment of writing this review, we only had one Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo OEM fan. However between the SilverStone APA1225M12, and the Raijintek Boreas there is little to be said. After the 30 dB mark, noise levels are almost unbearable, to the point were the Raijintek Boreas B-BW fans are as loud as a small vacuum. I hope that by know, It is clear why the Yate Loon D12SM and D14SM are extremely common among the enthusiast community.


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