AKRacing Rush Gaming Chair Review


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AKRacing Gaming Chair Detailed Features

In this section we take a detailed look at the features built into AKRacing’s Rush gaming chair. We begin with a close-up look at the color-matched stitching on our RUSH model, which illustrates the quality of manufacture and texture of leather-feeling synthetic material.


On all AKRacing gaming chairs, adjustable armrests come standard. The armrest itself is comprised of closed-cell foam with poly-vinyl over molding. The rests adjust to a height of 13.4″, and down to approximately 10.6″ (340-270mm). Some assembly is required, so when the arms are bolted to the frame they may be made wide or narrow by approximately one inch total.


All AKRacing gaming chair seat bottoms measure 14.4″ (365mm) wide, which fits most small to large sizes. Extra-large sizes may not fit as comfortably in AKRacing gaming chairs, as the side padding and armrests may cause obstruction.

A look below the seat cushion reveals a system of elastic bands stretching across the bottom, which offer gentle support without the discomfort of a plastic frame or coil system. Also shown is the tilt limit knob, which can be adjust for relaxed control of the chair.


I’ve included the graphic below (courtesy AKRacing) to illustrate some of the more specific construction features with their gaming chair series. On some models the basic roller caster wheels are used, and others receive the more appealing racing spoke design.

All chairs make use of their class-4 gas lift strut, and a strong metal frame. AKRacing offers an extended-height hydraulic gas lift strut. It does not appear that armrest extenders are available at this time.


Also available on every AKRacing gaming chair is their reclining backrest system, reminiscent of automotive seats. The image below illustrates an AKRacing chair fully extended, ready for a between-rounds rest (pillows included).


In the next section I’ll discuss my final thoughts on these gaming chairs, and offer a summary conclusion based on the features we’ve reviewed.


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  1. Athlonite

    Local New Zealand retailer Harvey Normans has this chair and I was looking at it 2 weeks ago thinking that would be a really replacement for my 2yr old racing chair but the one thing that put me off was the exorbitant price of $795.00NZD so now after seeing they go for $299USD I might go see if I can haggle a bit with them

    1. Athlonite

      I see $299 is not the actual price for this chair at all it’s normally $369USD and on sale for $349USD so 50 bucks difference

      1. Olin Coles

        The actually price is $299: http://amzn.to/1NJwHb0
        I’m not sure why you thought it was more.

  2. John D

    Great review of the details (with pictures) My only question remaining is what is meant by “extra-large”?
    I wasnt sure if it was PC for fat or large posterior or not.
    Broad of Beam seemed is what I inferred from the obstructions referred to in the article part which also used extra-large and seemed to be about the seat part and the parts between the arm rests, though sometimes those highly supportive ‘sport seats’ Recaro put out in desk models years ago were not suited for tall or broad shoulders/latissimus dorsi areas either.
    I am interested in a chair with these recommendations -all day comfort and had some of those ‘ergonomic’ misrepresented offerings over 25 or more years.
    The price is right for this one, your reviews are very accurate and detailed so your opinion is a valued one.
    I have been looking for a good desk chair for decades and wondered why so few, if any , now, had the car seat adjustment. I had one I got for work and was that feature that sold me, however, the chair was awful -but it did have that lever.

  3. Volfield

    Is there any difference between this and all other models? almost all of them, with quersus as exception, looks the same to me.

    1. Olin Coles

      Very little difference in the actual product design, since most are re-branded from a central supplier.

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