Corsair Hydro H100i GTX Review


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Corsair Hydro H100i GTX Detailed Features

The mounting surface of the CPU cooler is protected against any scratches during shipping by a removable plastic shell. The surface is pretreated with thermal compound.

H100iGTX Copper face

H100i GTX Copper face

Installation for the Intel 2011 type of CPU socket it extremely easy, only requiring to first mount 4 small standoffs for attachment to the cooler pump.

Corsair H100iGTX pump installed

Corsair H100i GTX pump installed

Corsair claims the SP120L fans differ from standard case fans with a custom design intended to provide high static pressure for mounting directly against radiators. The fan blades of the SP120L fans have been custom shaped to allow maximum air delivery with minimal noise.

The fan and radiator assembly can be easily pre-assembled and then attached to the case with the small screws included in the kit. Power for the fans is supplied by connectors on the pump assembly to allow the Corsair Link software to adjust the fan speed.

Corsair H100iGTX Installed

Corsair H100i GTX Installed

After the hardware has been installed and the Corsair link cable connected to an available USB 2.0 connector, the Corsair Link software can be installed. No disk is included with the Corsair package as it is assumed that the latest version of the program will be downloaded from the website.

Once installed, the Corsair Link is available with a right-click on the hidden icons selector on the Windows toolbar.

Corsair Link User Interface

Corsair Link User Interface

The Corsair link user interface allows the cooling system to be operated in three different modes: Quiet, Balanced and Performance.


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