Corsair H80i GT Liquid CPU Cooler Review


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Corsair Hydro H80i GT Test Results

The table below shows the relative temperatures of each of the test systems at an ambient temperature of 25.4 C.

Temperature Comparison

Temperature Comparison

Despite the oversized radiator and dual fans in push-pull mode, the H80i GT cannot quite keep up with modern double-wide radiator based coolers. However, this is not a particularly fair comparison as the H80i GT was not compared against a standard single fan radiator system.

The cooling performance of the H80i is still quite respectable, considering the competition. In Balanced mode, the H80i GT was within 2° of the Nepton 240M cooling performance, and the Nepton 240M is an excellent all-in-one cooling unit.

The image below is an FLIR infrared camera image showing the Corsair H80i GT cooler operating in Balanced mode. Despite the overclock and 100% load, maximum temperature shown by the temperature bar on the far right of the image shows a maximum temperature of only 47.7°C.

CorsairH180iGT_FLIRNoise measurements for the three systems are shown below. For similar cooling performance, the Nepton 240M takes the lead in silent operation.

Corsair H100iGTX Noise Comparison

Corsair H80i GT Noise Comparison


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