Kingston HyperX Savage Memory Review

Kingston HyperX Savage Memory Review

Currently, Kingston HyperX memory modules features four lines of products: Fury, Savage, Predator, and Impact. The Fury and Savage are aimed for mainstream market while the Predator is aimed for the extreme overclockers. Unlike the Predator that comes with a large heat spreader and clockspeed up to 2800MHz, both the Fury and Savage features standard size heat spreader. As you may expect, the Fury and the Savage are clocked at slightly lower speed than the Predator where we can find the Fury clocked at speed up to 1866MHz and the Savage at clockspeed up to 2400 MHz. Today, we have gotten the 2133MHz Savage that we will put it through our tests… at Bjorn3d

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  1. SviatA

    Yeah, I have 4GB only, so if you are going to use x64 (64-bit) operating system, that is not enough. So, do not make my mistake)))

    PS: yeah, Kingston has 4 lines, but it also offers single-stick 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB units and two-stick 8GB and 16GB RAM, and also four-stick 16GB RAM. And you also have to think about the frequencies…

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