MSI Z87 MPower MAX Motherboard Review


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x264HD 5.0 Benchmark Tests

Tech ARP’s x264 HD Benchmark comprises the Avisynth video scripting engine, an x264 encoder, a sample 1080P video file, and a script file that actually runs the benchmark. The script invokes four two-pass encoding runs and reports the average frames per second encoded as a result. The script file is a simple batch file, so you could edit the encoding parameters if you were interested, although your results wouldn’t then be comparable to others.

This is another example of a useful benchmark that’s based on real-world code. I like encoding benchmarks since they’re one of the few tests that can measure a real-world use of the power of modern multi-core processors.


Here we see some very nice scaling, as expected with a purely CPU-bound benchmark. Using OC Genie’s “Gear 2” setting increases the Pass 1 score by 15.4% and the Pass 2 score by 21.7%, while my manual overclock returns 19.2% and 27%, respectively.

OC Genie can give you a nice performance boost. But it’s hard to beat an hour or two spent tweaking voltages and frequencies by hand. I’ll describe this process in the next section.


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