NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 22 July 2013

NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 22 July 2013


In this Issue:

· Lots of Tegra-based devices made news this week. Tablets, all-in-ones, superphones, streaming devices, and gaming devices were all in the news this week. And NVIDIA is even taking SHIELD to the movies.
· NVIDIA has support for tiled 4k displays and for games that are not due out for months. Day of launch support for hot titles is a big deal for gamers.
· India gets a Tegra superphone. It has been dubbed an affordable entertainment powerhouse.

Tons Using Tegra

Tegra hits keep on comin’. This week Toshiba announced a pile of Tegra-based tablets.

“Toshiba’s latest Android tablets are now available for purchase in the US, making Toshiba the first company to offer products with NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 processor.”

HP also got into the Tegra 4 action this week with the Tegra 4-based SlateBook x2 and Slate21 All-in-One.

“Slatebook x2 features a 10.1-inch display. Other features include a dual battery setup and separate battery pack for the keyboard, offering longer life. The device runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Slatebook x2 already has Google’s suite of apps pre-installed. These include applications like YouTube, Google Now and Gmail. Under its hood is the Tegra 4 chip complete with the with NVIDIA’s Tegra-zone game store.”

NanoTech also plans to launch an Android-powered device that you can use to stream 4K Ultra HD movies to your TV. It’s called the Nuvola NP-1, and it’s expected to ship in August.

“In addition to the native 4K Ultra HD video support, Tegra 4 allows the Nuvola to deliver ultra-fast web browsing, significantly improved app load times, and the most realistic gaming experiences from any media player on the market.”

OUYA is launching a $1 million Kickstarter campaign in August to fund the development of even more games for their Tegra-powered gaming device.

“However, the 200 available games have charms of their own. They’re indie. They’re alternative. Some are goofy and hilarious. I watched a trio of elementary-schoolers laugh themselves silly for over an hour playing a game called No Brakes Valet. It’s a free, not even finished game in which you try to park skidding, nearly brakeless cars in a parking lot. There’s a lot of crashing and helpless giggling.”

Meanwhile, NVIDIA’s own Tegra 4 device, the NVIDIA SHIELD is still making news, and if you’re going to the movies this weekend you just might get a sneak peek.

“Those who are either dying to get their hands on the NVIDIA Shield or have been on the fence of actually buying one can get their hands on it if they happen to live in the New York City and San Francisco areas. NVIDIA’s events started this past weekend and will continue until August 18th on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. NVIDIA will be showing off its Shield at the following participating movie theaters:

· Garden State 16 – 1 Garden State Plaza, Paramus, New Jersey
· New Roc Stadium 18 – 33 Lecount Place, New Rochelle, New York
· Cupertino 16 – 10123 North Wolfe Road, Cupertino, California
· Mercado 20 – 3111 Mission College Boulevard, Santa Clara, California

Tiled 4K Displays and Unreleased Games Supported

A new 326.19 Beta has been posted and is now live on the NVIDIA website. This driver supports tiled 4k displays such as those displays from ASUS and Sharp.

“Meanwhile users on the cutting edge of display hardware will want to pay attention to the fact that this is the first full GeForce driver to support “tiled” 4K displays such as the Asus PQ321Q, which requires support for 2 device “mosaic” mode to properly drive the display at 3840×[email protected]

It also adds day of launch support for some of the hottest upcoming titles.

“In addition, NVIDIA says its added SLI profiles for Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Batman: Arkham Origins. Those games aren’t coming out until August 20 and October 25, respectively, so I guess GeForce users can look forward to SLI support from day one.”

Tegra 3-Powered Xolo Play T1000 Unleashed in India

Tegra has been making its way around the globe, delivering on its reputation for performance at every stop. The latest splash comes from the first Tegra 3-powered smartphone to arrive in India—the Xolo Play T1000.

“Tegra 4-based phones may be all the rage lately, but many in India haven’t even had a shot at the Tegra 3 — not very fair, we’d say. Xolo is addressing that deficit by launching the Play T1000, which brings the Tegra 3 to the country for the first time.”

This gaming-friendly, Android Jelly Bean smartphone sports a 4.7-inch 720p display, 1GB of RAM, and the great multimedia experience from Tegra 3.

“The phone, aimed at hard-core gamers, is now officially launched by Lava and the phone sure packs a punch.”

Pegged as an “entertainment powerhouse,” the Xolo Play T1000 doesn’t disappoint.

“At the heart of Play T1000 is Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core CPU and 12-core GeForce GPU, a dynamic combo which underlines its gaming prowess.”

TegraZone comes preloaded, so users can unleash the muscle of Tegra 3 on a swarm of hit Android games. All that muscle might sound expensive, but don’t fret; even with the tremendous specs, the Xolo Play T1000 is still wallet friendly at about $270 USD.

“The Play T1000 is available now for 15,999 rupees ($268) off-contract — a price low enough to make us wish there were plans for a US release.”

The gaming and entertainment-focused smartphone is generating serious buzz; check out what people are saying:

“Tegra 4-based phones may be all the rage lately, but many in India haven’t even had a shot at the Tegra 3 — not very fair, we’d say. Xolo is addressing that deficit by launching the Play T1000, which brings the Tegra 3 to the country for the first time.”

“Thanks to the Tegra 3’s setup of having four cores for processing and an extra underclocked battery-saver core, the Xolo Play T1000 should be able to handle battery and CPU intensive tasks (such as gaming) with ease.”

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